Research Review: The Effect of Playing Ultimate with a Mask

As ultimate players continue to return to the field and the 2021 club season approaches quickly, we’d like to tackle a topic that, for now, is important for athletes: competing with a mask on.

Current USA Ultimate Return to Play guidance requires the use of face masks during competition at all sanctioned events. Whether that will remain the standard for competitive play throughout 2021 is difficult to assess: most other sports, particularly outdoor sports, do not require wearing masks during play, and vaccination progress continues to reduce COVID risk to both individuals and the community.

But, as it stands today, you have to prepare to wear a mask during ultimate competition.

Let’s explore some key questions. Continue reading “Research Review: The Effect of Playing Ultimate with a Mask”

How to Safely Return to Training in the Gym or on the Field

The coronavirus pandemic has kept us away from the gym for almost three months. Many of us have also had our seasons truncated or outright cancelled. With an extended period of detraining behind us and a potentially long training timeline in front of us, there are many questions about how to best return to the gym both effectively and safely.

Below, we address how to safely return to the gym — or playing ultimate, for those able to do so! Continue reading “How to Safely Return to Training in the Gym or on the Field”

What’s The Best Way To Recover From A Tournament Day?

Welcome to Breakside Strength & Conditioning's 'Research Review' series. We look at the latest scientific research on human performance and offer practical advice for training, competition, nutrition, and more.

One of the biggest challenges facing most ultimate frisbee athletes is the grueling nature of tournament play. The most important games are played in the most fatigued conditions.

As a result, optimizing recovery after each day of competition is vital to maximizing performance later in the tournament.

Ultimate players employ a variety of techniques to recover -- cooldown activity, stretching, and cold water immersion (commonly 'ice baths') are especially popular -- but what is actually the best way to enhance recovery, especially with the knowledge that exercise will begin again in less than 18 hours?

Recent research provides some potential answers.

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