New in 2021: Return to Lifting, New Speed Development, Olympic Lifting

Whether you’re somewhere where ultimate has returned to action or you’re eagerly awaiting its restart in the coming months, you’ll need to make sure that you are physically prepared to get back on the field.

To that end, Breakside Strength and Conditioning’s coaches have been hard at work to develop revamped programs that get players ready to compete.

Here’s what’s new in 2021.

Return to Lifting Protocol

Many players have been out of the gym for months. Even if you’ve been committed to home workouts, conditioning, and running, it’s still a transition process to return to weightlifting. Jumping back in too quickly risks injury — as does returning to the ultimate field without ramping up activity first.

BSC has a return to lifting protocol to ease you back in — alongside cardiovascular work and a return to sprinting — and keep you from getting hurt (or viciously sore!).

The Latest in Sprint Science — in Every Program

We’ve all had a lot of time on our hands during quarantine. Here at Breakside, we’ve spent it learning from some of the world’s top coaches — track coaches, NFL combine experts, and field sport coaches — about cutting-edge speed development techniques.

Our programs, from beginner to advanced, have been updated with new drills, progressions, and workout designs to help our athletes get the most out of their speed and agility training.

We’ve also added additional contrast training, eccentric work, and plyometrics to optimize jump performance and prevent injuries.

A Simplified Beginner Program

We believe two things are true: novice lifters can and should progress into staple weightlifting movements fairly quickly, and that too much variety can be counterproductive.

We’ve simplified our programs for beginners in order to allow for more time to get familiarized with exercises — which has the added benefit of central nervous system development. But we still get beginner athletes doing foundational movements, like squats, deadlifts, presses, and pull-ups — the exercises that give you exceptional return on investment.

Olympic Lifting Progressions for Everyone

All Breakside programs now contain progressions towards Olympic lifting, particularly the hang and power clean, even for beginners. The pace of progression varies depending on the experience level of the athlete, but we believe that every athlete should be learning to safely do these hugely beneficial power development exercises.

Coach Pat recently got his USA Weightlifting certification to be able to better teach the Olympic lifts.

Flexible Options

Whether you’re back in the gym or you’re still stuck doing at-home workouts, we have programs available to help you begin getting physically prepared for ultimate to return. We have options for all levels of training experience as well.

We have a program that will fit your needs!


Some things that aren’t changing: every Breakside subscriber gets access to our easy-to-use mobile app for getting and tracking workouts; our Slack community to ask questions to PK, Charlie, and other community members; and science-driven ultimate training designed to make you a better and healthier athlete.

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